We connect university students with
NGOs making projects with impact.

What we do

We connect NGOs with groups of 4-5 college students of the region, under the supervision of a tutor with experience in the area of ​​work. The projects last from 2 to 3 months, and consist of a diagnosis and proposal of solutions phase, followed by an implementation phase.

The projects are based on themes proposed by the NGO, after evaluating the main challenges at the internal level. On the other hand, the students who participate in the program are oriented to be an analytical and proactive profile, eager to learn.

We’re currently operating in LatAm (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile), Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), and Asia (India, Malasia). Also, we made projects in Europe (Croatia, Portugal).

What do we do


Empower NGOs around the world linking them with university students, creating spaces for personal and professional growth.


Being a scalable collaborative NGO-oriented network, which grows day by day reaching more corners of the world.

Work Areas


Projects in areas of strategic planning, definition and implementation of metrics, and project evaluation mechanisms.

Operational efficiency

Focus on areas of current performance analysis, process mapping, and project management.

Administrative processes

Assistance in the design of internal processes, from communication to administrative processes, as well as accounting / financial issues.

Communication plans

We help NGOs in their dissemination both to get volunteers, beneficiaries or also donation campaigns.


Success Stories

About Us

Nicolás Casaux


Nico believes in fostering people’s growth.
He ambitions to build a global community of students helping NGOs, sharing projects and ideas with each other, while tackling the biggest social challenges of this era.
His work experience in Business Development positions have forged him as an intercultural leader (currently leading 4 countries in Asia & Africa) and a natural entrepreneur, with disruption skills that often help NGOs looking to improve their current operations.


Tomás Cordes


Tomás is convinced that all individuals should think in creating a positive impact for society.
He aims to empower consultants to deliver high-class free consulting services, achieving greatest impact, with special focus on human values and integrity.
His professional experience as a Business Consultant and Engineer in Argentina and Chile provided him of a strong toolkit he is happy to share with NGOs to unleash their full potential and scale their mission.


Jessica Fastman

Regional Manager Africa


Nicolás Lopez Llovet

Regional Manager LatAm

Miranda Ormaechea

Chief of Staff

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